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My wife and I went to our car at a country park, on a night in the Durham area about ten years ago. We kissed and touched each other. She undid his pants and pulled them down to my knees. Then she began to masturbate to me was their usual practice. Then I pulled her stockings and stileproject panties and put them back in place. I pulled her dress back up and started playing with her ​​pussy while playing with my erection. It was dark and we thought there was nobody in the area. I have the lights inside the car. He then threw her bra and her breasts exposed while to feel it. when they are ready to have sex, I was in it and put my penis in it. When I expressed my position of comfort, I saw a face on the side of the car window. I saw him play with it, because the streetlights were not too far. I was scared and went to my wife. It was clear after my wife had seen the man before me a long time, because she said she had seen his arm back ad in front, while playing with him. He was obviously very excited in the observation. Back then I was angry. Later, when I realized that no damage was done and my wife had, in fact, enjoyed the situation, saw things differently. We became heavily on the screen in the car after the experience, where stileproject onlookers in sex. If only I took a job at hand, always stileproject put the light of the car while I was ejaculating. That was definitely a turning point in them. After she was often let me play with her ​​pussy in the car at night with internal car light and open legs. The risk of seeing someone who is always around them and in those situations much expanded our sex life. At other times, we got off the car and play with each other before sex often leaned on the side of the car. My wife has boobs and bottom and stileproject that seen from the outside with the risk of beeing in mind that both of us. The possibility that other SEEIng to play with my cock before having sex on these occasions, was clearly a shift in the two of us. have videos of us having sex at home sometimes, and that strengthens our sex life. But after thirty years of marriage she went with what can only be described as a boy toy in North Yorkshire. His appetite for sex significantly for the better after our car has changed sex sessions in the car. Apparently, they wanted more sex than me, and someone younger could be the answer for them. He had not been married to my wife in bed has been very exciting for them. Now I'm alone with the memory of our love life almost 34 years and made video films are shown together he did. Car had sex in every case brought back memories of our days of the court and how we manage our passions before they married in 1968. For three and a half years before our marriage, which is only used to play with me and do the job stileproject they are good in my car. Ispend so much time with her. Car Sex in places of risk was the response of stileproject a fading sex life.
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